Cheap WoW Gold
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World of Warcraft: Legion just gave the world’s leading paid-subscription massively multiplayer online role-playing game a massive boost in the right direction. And the expansion pack’s enormous scope and nearly endless run of things to do, combined with an unbelievably smooth launch — oh, and a new mobile app — make it the best expansion ever written for World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft: Legion August 30 for PC and Mac for $50. A companion app for iOS and Android is free. Legion requires the base game and earlier expansions to play, all of which are packaged now for $20; monthly subscription fees average $15. It comes with a free boost for one character to level 100, in case you’re just starting or need to catch a character up to speed.

I played on both platforms, leveling several characters (though only one to max — see below). I earned the Loremaster achievement for questing in all possible zones; completed more than 200 world quests; completed every dungeon on normal, heroic, and mythic difficulties; capped three tradeskills; and fished up a rare shark. We’re not going to discuss how many hours I played.

WoW Legion Farming Stormscale (or Stonehide Leather)

Farming mats has never been easier, and it’s always a great way to make quick gold in WoW when a new expansion comes out. With most new players focusing on leveling to 110 as fast as they can, that means they aren’t focusing on their professions. What’s more, once they hit max level and start focusing on their professions, they’re going to try and get from 1-800 as quickly as possible. Where are they going to get all those mats? The auction house, of course!

The two essential mats to farm with Legion are Stormscale and Stonehide Leather, both of which you farm with skinning. Stormscale and Stonehide Leather are essential materials for leatherworkers (starting at 700), who want to craft rare and epic mail gear like Battlebound Girdles, Hauberks, Girdles, and Leggings. They’re also used in Engineering to craft the Bolt-Action Headgun, Blacksmithing for Demonsteel Armguards, and Stormscale can be transmuted to herbs or ore with Alchemy.

Where to Farm

There are many great places to farm Stormscale, and there is certainly no shortage of mobs in The Broken Isles that provide Stormscale. But, in my experience, the best place to farm it in Highmountain. More specifically, there’s a great spot right outside of Thunder Totem’s flightpath called Earthmother’s Bounty that has a plethora of Overgrown Larva that each drop 2-3 with each skin. These Overgrown Larvas are a part of a quest (“Infestation” and “Critical Crops”), so there will be other players there killing them as well. These mobs respawn quickly (after 15 or so seconds), and that means you’ll have no shortage of them to skin. Plus, other players will help kill them down for quicker skinning. In 40 minutes, you’ll have a stack of 200 without any problems.

For Stonehide Leather, it’s so widely available that nailing down a prime spot for it isn’t really necessary. Virtually any beast in WoW will drop Stonehide Leather. However, if you’re already in Highmountain, one of the best spots is in the Witchwoods and Cliff’s Edge (around coordinates 36.0, 37.5) where you’ll find tons of Bristlefur Bears and Spinetusk Piglets. Kill ’em in groups, and skin away. They’ll typically drop 4-7 leathers each (and you’ll come away with some vendor trash and meats for cooking as well).

How Much Stormscale and Stonehide Leather Sell For

Obviously, this will vary per server, and I highly recommend you do some research before you just blindly dive in. But on my server (Whisperwind), Stormscales typically sell for 20g each in the mornings and around 30-35g during primetime (about 9PM ET). So for that stack of 200 that took you 40 minutes, you can easily earn an average of 5,000 gold, and I’ve sold full stacks for 7K before (you just have to catch buyers at the right time when there isn’t any cheaper in the auction house).

Stonehide isn’t quite as lucrative because it’s easier to come by, but it’s close, and again, it depends on your server’s economy. On my server, they min at 17g and max at 25g each.

This is, by far, the quickest gold earner right now, as you will typically sell your hides and scales within an hour or so of posting them.